New treatment group in Wallingford raises funds for outpatient therapy


WALLINGFORD >> Treating addiction starts with breaking the cycle of relapse and recidivism, according to the staff TriCircle, Inc.

Earlier this month, TriCircle held its first annual fundraiser, Walk the Walk for Recovery. The event drew about 100 people to walk in honor of friends and loved ones battling addiction or have lost their lives to the disease and raised approximately $4,500, according to Ceci Iliff.

“The goal of the event is to raise awareness of TriCircle, Inc.’s much needed and one-of-a-kind approach to substance abuse and mental health treatment, as well as to spotlight the overall challenges this country is facing in battling addiction,” said Don Fertman, who is in recovery. “The opioid epidemic is a national health crisis and it needs to be treated like one.”

According to TriCircle, Inc., between 40 percent and 90 percent of people who make it through a 30-day treatment program relapse. The solution TriCircle has is to extend the treatment program to 15 months that is broken into three five-month periods.

“Substance abuse is more rampant than ever,” said Ana M. Gopoian, the founder and executive director of TriCircle, Inc. “And while frew are discussing real solutions, the current opioid epidemic is ravaging our country, taking the lives of 144 people per day…. TriCircle, Inc’s approach will enable individuals and their families to live their lives in long-term recovery with all the resources they need to succeed.”

More details about the treatment program is available at www.




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