Overdose deaths continue to rise

Ever wonder why law enforcement and medical professionals are calling the heroin crisis an epidemic?

The last predictions from the state’s chief medical examiner show that the number of deaths caused by accidental intoxication will continue to go up this year. The number of deaths caused by heroin and fentanyl are expected to continue to rise this year.

Check out these graphs to see the horrifying rise in the number of accidental deaths by overdose from all drugs, heroin and fentanyl.

Total intoxication deaths

Heroin deaths

Fentanyl deaths

To learn more about treatment available for those addicted to opioids, visit our Addiction Treatment page, and see what resources are available.

Are you an addiction survivor and have a story to share?  Please contact us at abisaro@newhavenregister.com or ehernandez@nhregister.com. Your story could inspire others to make a change and save their own lives.

Anna Bisaro, New Haven Register



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